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Octavius Gould

Motivational Influencer

octavius-gould-photographOctavius Gould has leveraged 25 years of corporate sales leadership and entrepreneurial success to motivate and guide young men and women, as well as adults who are in need of inspiration during a global pandemic.

Octavius is a frequent speaker at business and youth mentoring events and an inspirational leader who holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from the University of Minnesota.

As a college football player at the University of Florida, then later at the University of Minnesota, Octavius acquired a unigue ability to channel adversity, while focusing on achieving success.

In 2007, he was inducted into the Pemberton High School Hall of Fame, while receiving a Proclamation from the Office of the Mayor of Pemberton Township, New Jersey, and a Joint Legislative Resolution from the New Jersey Senate for his many meritorious career and community accomplishments.

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Octavius in the news

  • Octavius Gould Inducted Into Pemberton High School Hall of Fame:

    Updated: 10.20.07

    Atlanta, October 20, 2007 — Octavius Gould was inducted into the Pemberton Township High School Hall of Fame during a ceremony in New Jersey.

    "Pemberton, New Jersey holds a special place in my heart. I learned tremendous life lessons from dedicated teachers and coaches. I was fortunate to be raised by great parents in a diverse community that taught young men and women how to develop relationships with individuals from all background," said Octavius Gould.

  • Octavius Gould's Awards:

    Updated: 02.01.16

    • Joint Legislative Resolution for Community and Career Achievement  "New Jersey Senate and General Assembly"


    • Proclamation for Community and Career Achievement  "Office of Mayor in Pemberton Twp., New Jersey"